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The Power of Collective Evolution

Do You Perform Best as Part of a Pack?

We are a conscious wellbeing community that brings together ambitious and multi-passionate professionals who are ready to lead with wellness by (re)claiming and (re)directing their purpose, presence, and possibilities through support, collaboration, and connection with members of like mind. Sign up and sign in to your digital sanctuary.

Your Own Tribe of Conscious Cheerleaders

Are you ready to be more intentional about creating the life you desire — with support? The work (and play) that we explore as a community at Wellness and Beyond is at the intersection of mindset and mastery.


  • Encourage Self-Inquiry through Connection 

  • Acquire Self-Knowledge through Collaboration 

  • Realize Self-Mastery through Cultivation

Through offerings like the Wellness Book Club, The Write Therapy guided journaling sessions, and the Successful Living Mastermind Meetups, you are offered a safe, consistent, and standardized space in which you can re-do, re-start, or re-imagine your way to becoming the true visionary of your life!

We are true believers in Yoko Ono's wisdom: 

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

If you are ready to support others and be supported in elevating your personal and professional goals, SIGN UP AND SIGN IN TO YOUR DIGITAL SANCTUARY.

Meet Your Hosts

Leslie Garcia is an entrepreneur, clinical social worker and wellness advisor with 17+ years in the mental health field and non-profit sector. Wellness and Beyond is an extension of Leslie's mission to provide a space for passionate professionals to deeply restore and renew. Leslie has been quoted in PsychCentral and featured by Huffington Post, Fast Company, and Inc. 5000.

Stacia Yearwood is an entrepreneur, empathic writer and educator. Her creative and educational projects focus on the restorative and self-evolutionary power that creativity and compassionate communication facilitate. Stacia's work has been published in the Bellevue Literary Review and Beltway Poetry Quarterly, award-winning journals focused on the human experience, health, and healing.

Build Clarity and Confidence in Good Company

  • Perform creative self-reflection strategies that highlight your core values, personal mission, and inner strength
  • Align your professional plan with your personal values so that you may continue enjoying life while achieving your goals
  • Build a mindfulness practice that focuses on single-tasking over multitasking; on the present and not the future; on doing less slowly and deliberately
  • Implement a wellness routine that could involve a diet and exercise plan for mental clarity and productivity to anchoring your day with a spiritual reading or meditative practice
  • Talk about stress in a confidential space without feeling shame about the overwhelm, doubt or fear you may be struggling with
  • Develop helpful ways to navigate or cope with the demands of professional life while maintaining a firm grasp on family and social obligations
  • Master daily practices and access resources that get you to the next step of personal and professional development
  • Revel in real connections with extraordinary people around the world!

A Big Thanks to our Global Community

At Wellness and Beyond, we are immensely blessed to have wellness practitioners from all fields, all walks of life, and from all around the globe step up and step in to offer their expertise, enthusiasm, and encouragement to our members. We are grateful for our team and to you for bringing your own expertise and personal experience to the mix. Let's continue crafting realities that delight us deeply!

Welcome to Wellness and Beyond.